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Some backstage pictures of MLTR

Copyright by Marianne Milton and Helle Larsen!

 Jascha wearing these funny glasses, which belongs to the compère of the festival in Hinge, Denmark. It was SO funny! Jascha really likes this picture. I'm just happy that this isn't the new style of Mr. Richter! ;-)

 Mikkel making fun when the picture was taken. The picture is from after MLTRs concert in Tivoli in Denmark the 23th June 2000.

 A really cute picture of Kåre! It is taken on the birthday of Jascha (24th June) in Nordenskov, Denmark.

A really cute picture of Søren. Taken in Hinge, Denmark the 27th of May 2000. In the background you can see the manager of MLTR, JP Andersen

 Jascha and I also in Tivoli in Denmark. I don't know what Jascha is doing with that pen of his.



Kåre and I. Something was really funny. And both Kåre and I were laughing very much! :-)

 Mikkel and I. If you ask me, it is a really nice and great picture!

Some pictures of MLTR












MLTR from a concert in Denmark in1997




MLTR before they were a band