In this page I'll write the last updated pages. So take a look here, if you want to know which pages are updated. I'll try and update all pages as often as possible!


NEWS "24th July 2004" (About MLTR's concerts in Denmark)

'NEWS "13th March 2004" (News - MLTR's second single will be released in Denmark Monday the 15th of March)

NEWS "9th February 2004" (Discography - Full track list of the new album and lyrics)

NEWS "31st January 2004" (News - help MLTR get back on the music scene)

NEWS "15th January 2004" (News - see the full track list of MLTR's new album)

NEWS "31st December 2003" (News about the brand new MLTR album and the first single released)

NEWS "10th March 2002" (Brand new site about Jascha Richter and his coming solo album. Check out Newest - Latest News!!)


MLTR - A School Project "14th January 2002" (Read about how MLTR's songs are used in school to teach the students better English reading, writing and understanding!! Hurry up - it's such a great thing!!!)

Concerts "28th December 2001" (Read the 3 brand new and VERY exciting concert reviews from the Asia-tour MLTR just finished! Written by the 3 fans: True_fish, Jnifur and Carolina Villena! Hurry up - it's almost like being there yourselves!!!!)

MLTR Fun "27th December 2001" (Read all the funny things MLTR said and did in an interview in Shanghai, China 2001! Written by Helena Li!!!!!)

Frontpage "17th December 2001" (Read the note on the frontpage! THANK you VERY much!!!!)

News "5th December 2001" (The official book of MLTR is released in English - check out the name and so on!!!!)

News "28th November 2001" (See pictures from the Asia-tour and read a little about it!)

News "21th November 2001" (Jascha Richter has written two songs for the brand new Danish super-group. Check out which and part of the lyrics!)

Discography "18th November 2001" (Check out the lyrics of the 5 unreleased MLTR songs from the Bonus CD that only is available if you buy the official book of MLTR - "Something You Should Know - The History Of Michael Learns To Rock"!!!! This is the only place on the internet where this is possible, so hurry up!!!)

News "18th November 2001" (Check out my review of the 5 unreleased songs of the Bonus CD from the official book of MLTR - "Something You Should Know - The History Of Michael Learns To Rock")

Discography "13th November 2001" (Check out the lyrics and track list of the brand new MLTR album: "18 Love Songs"!)

News "1th October 2001" (MLTR have released a new album - check out the name of the album and where it's released!!)

News "12th June 2001" (Tomorrow Søren Madsen (ex-bass player in MLTR) will appear in Danish television - read when and where!!!!)

News "28th June 2001" (Lots of new pictures of MLTR from their Denmark-tour 2001!!!! Check them out!!!!)

News "11th June 2001" (Among other things the release-date of the official MLTR book)

News "3th June 2001" (More about the official book of MLTR)

News "30th May 2001" (A little about the official book of MLTR)

News "29th May 2001" (A little about how the Tour-Denmark started!)

Tourplan "29th May 2001" (MLTR's tourplan for the summer!)

The Members "29th May 2001" (All the information about the members of MLTR - Jascha Richter, Mikkel Lentz and Kåre Wanscher! Really updated!)

News "19th May 2001" (Read whose birthday it is today!)

News "28th April 2001" (Read how well the new single is going on a Danish chart)

News "23th April 2001" (The brand new MLTR single is out in Denmark - read which one!!)

Tourplan "15th April 2001" (The Tourplan has been updated - now with even more Danish tourdates!!)

News "11th April 2001" (A Danish TV station showed a short program about MLTR!)

Tourplan "18th March 2001" (The Tourplan has been updated - now with Asian Tourdates!!!)

News "18th March 2001" (Watch the new pictures on MLTRs official homepage)

Tourplan "12th March 2001" (The Tourplan has been updated!!!)

News "12th March 2001" (See where you can watch the new MLTR video)

News "22th February 2001" (Chat with MLTR again - read how!!! )

Tourplan "20th February 2001" (Read MLTR's tourplan for the year 2001. So far the tourplan only contains some dates for Danish concerts and one at the Faroes Islands - hurry up and check the tour dates out!! The Tourplan will be updated as soon as I know more tour dates!! )

News "20th February 2001" (MLTR have made a few tour dates public - go check them out in Tourplan!! )

News "14th February 2001" (MLTR have played two exclusive concerts lately. Read all about them and watch some of my private pictures from the two concerts - they are quite good. )

News "13th February 2001" (Now you are able to buy official MLTR merchandise - read how and where!)

News "3rd February 2001" (Vote for MLTR on an important Danish chart - read how!)

News "26th January 2001" (Chat with MLTR again!! Hurry up and read how and when!!!)

News "24th January 2001" (Win tickets to an exclusive MLTR concert in Århus, Denmark. Read how!!! And read on which TV-programme MLTR appears the 28th of January!)

News "22th January 2001" (The winners of the contest are now announced)

News "11th January 2001" (Win autographed CDs and MLTR T-shirts on the officielle homepage of MLTR - read a little about it!)

News "10th January 2001" (Mostly to the Danes: The officiel bioraphy of MLTR will be released - read when. Win tickets to an exclusive MLTR concert in Denmark - read how!!)

News "03th January 2001" (Chat with MLTR!!! Hurry up and read how!!!)

News "02th January 2001" (The second single from MLTR's new album is released in Denmark - read which one!!)

Concert Pictures "28th December 2000" (Lots of brand new pictures of MLTR from their excellent Tour 2000 this summer in Denmark - there are really some great pictures in between!! Go check the guys out!!)

About Me "28th December 2000" (Just some updated informations about me - and a few pictures too.)

News "27th December 2000" (Brand new pictures from the two latest concerts of MLTR and a photo of the picture MLTR painted!!! Hurry up and go check it out!!)

Mikkel Lentz "20th December 2000" (Informations about Mikkel Lentz)

News "3th December 2000" (MLTR played an unplugged concert. MLTR are doing great on the Danish charts!!)

News "21th November 2000" (Meet MLTR!!! Chat with the band the 23th of November!! Read how!!)

News "20th November 2000" (Read how you can see and maybe bid on a jacket that MLTR have painted. Support a great cause.)

News "18th November 2000" (MLTR live at the Danish radioprogram P3 - read how it went!)

News "9th November 2000" (CHAT WITH MLTR TODAY!! Read how!)

News "6th November 2000" (MLTR have made a new homepage - read about it)

News "4th November 2000" (Read my personal review of the new MLTR album "Blue Night" - In my point of view, it is one of the most BEAUTIFUL albums ever made by MLTR!! I have comment on every song on the album)

Discography "1st November 2000" (Read ALL the lyrics of the brand new MLTR album "Blue Night". Released today in Denmark!! The lyrics are VERY beautiful!!.)

News "25th October 2000" (Read the tracklist of the new MLTR album "Blue Night"!!.)

News "17th October 2000" (Read how well the Danes have received the new MLTR single "Angel Eyes" and who has helped MLTR with the single.)

News "14th October 2000" (Read for the first time ever the lyrics of the brand new MLTR single "Angel Eyes". The song will be released the 17th October 2000 in Denmark.)

News "9th October 2000" (News about amoung other things MLTRs new album and singles)

News "7th September 2000" (News about among other things the new MLTR album and Søren Madsen)

News "3th September 2000" (Some news about MLTR)

Photogallery "20th July 2000" (Lots of great pictures of MLTR. Inclusive some of my own backstage pictures. Check it out - they are cute!)

Members "17th July 2000" (The members)

News "17th July 2000" (All the news - go take a look, there are lots!)

Søren Madsen "14th July 2000" (Informations about Søren Madsen; ex-MLTR member)

Søren Madsen "23th April 2000" (Informations about Søren Madsen)

Concert Pictures "21th April 2000" (Pictures of MLTR from their great concerts in Denmark in 1999 - taken by my friend and I)

I have updated almost all pages. So go take a look! "12th March 2000"

Kåre Wanscher "18th July 1999" (Information about Kåre Wanscher)

Jascha Richter "18th July 1999" (Information about Jascha Richter)

News "18th July 1999" (News about MLTR)

Concert Reviews "18th July 1999" (A concert review from MLTRs concert on Train, written by me, and a great concert review written by Kim Anh)

Articles "18th July 1999" (Articles about MLTR)

Concert Reviews "30th April 1999" (A great concert review written by Kim Anh)

Links "30th April 1999" (All the great MLTR links)

Søren Madsen "23th April 1999" (Information about Søren Madsen)

MLTR Fun "11th April 1999" (All the funny things MLTR and the fans have said and done *smile*)