In this site I'll put in all the funny things MLTR have said and done, and all the funny pictures, and other special things, I have about MLTR. And if you have something fun about MLTR, or you have seen or heard them do/say something really funny. Why not share it with all the other fans around? If you have something you wanna share with the other fans around, then please e-mail it to me. And I can put it into this page. Thanks a million to the fans, who have already done that! I hope you have fun, when you're watching this page :) ! This is only the beginning, I'll add more funny things, when I can think of any!

Sometimes I have added some notes, they are in the * *


Funny & Special Things MLTR Have Said

At an interview in Shanghai, China 2001

The following is sent to me by Helena Li from Shanghai, China. Thanks a million Helena! The things written in "green" are comments Helena has added.

The interviewer asked : " Why were you named ' Michael Learns To Rock ' ? Who is Michael and what does it mean ? "

And Kåre answered : " Since we don't play rock music , since we don't have a Michael in the group , we just think it's a brilliant name . But don't ask me why ! "
Jascha added : " We say it just for fun . (
I have heard these completely same words in a lot of interview) There's no deep meaning behind the name and nobody is called Michael in the group actually . But you know, then the media have something to talk about and it's quite good . " (What a lovely answer ! And meanwhile you'll see a cute smile on Jascha's face . )
" Yes ! We can be on Tv now and talk about it and then you'll be disappointed at the name . " Kåre added.

Another question : " When did you know each other and decide to set up this band ? "
Kåre answered : " It was in
1998 when we went to Esbjerg together, started playing live together and talked about to make up a group. Because at that time all the kids in our town played in bands." ( Pay attention to the purple italics ! I heard clearly that what Kare said was nineteen nintyeight and it was translated to 1998 by the editor on the TV . And it seemed that nobody found the mistake made by Kåre . Jascha just always smiled by his side and didn't notice it at all ! I laughed a lot when I saw this scene . )

And then MLTR were asked to sing a part of " You Took My Heart Away " . (You know , it's really great to hear Jascha's voice without background music . His magical voice is so hearttouching and fascinating .)

The interviewer asked another question : " What's your dream now ? " (Just another sillier question)
Jascha was quite amazed , " Dream ? Now ? Now ? Right Now ? I don't dream now . " And then Jascha raised his shoulders, showed a strange expression and said : " Well , I dream about that we'll have a good concert tomorrow night . Cos' we don't know which song is famous in China, maybe we'll play all the Beatles' songs tomorrow night . (
It is really a lovely joke . But Jascha said it without fun and had a bit seriousness . ) I'm just thinking of the concert and hoping we'll have a good concert . "
When Mikkel were asked about it he said : " Oh , my genius ! My dream is to get up early in the morning and have time enough to have breakfast and walk arround Shanghai, see what it looks like. I think it's a pretty realistic dream . "

The last funny question is " What will you do to relax yourself in your free time ? " .
" Take a walk in town . " Kare said.
And then Jascha said : " Go have a swim . It's very good. A very good thing to relax yourself is to put hot water into , into ~ ~ ~ " Jascha obviously got stuck and used hard a lot of body language to express something , " is to put hot water into, into a cup plate, into what ? What ? What do we call it ? " Jascha looked around and asked Kåre . " Bathtub " Kåre said lightly . " Yes, Bathtub. and sit there for many minutes . " And then Jascha laughed a lot . (
It seems that Jascha's English isn't quite good and just so so . According to the words they've said, since English is not their mother language, the lyrics of their songs are quite simple and easy to comprehend . So it is one of the reasons that they got great success in Asian. But if you've seen this interview you will laugh to die like me . Jascha's expression was sooooooooo lovely and what Jascha wanted but failed to say was just " bathtub ". Isn't it funny ? And I also found what expression Jascha likes to show most often is raising his eyebrow. Let them up and down, up and down. )
Mikkel answered : " I like to play tennis . I'm the champion of the band . I also like just to listen to music in my room . "

"- all the above is sent to me and written by Helena Li, China! Thanks for sending it to me!"

To a MLTR concert in Hanoi, Vietnam:

Then Jascha said: "This is the first time we
come to Vietnam, but I didn't expect such an exciting atmosphere". Even
Jascha said: "Before we went to Vietnam, my Mom told me: 'Don't go to
Vietnam, my son. There are lots of wild women there, I'm afraid they will
kidnap you!!!'But I made my own decision, and so we hit the road!" (Kim Anh)


An Interview

Jascha said: Oh me personally? I'd like to be a scientist, physics or smart things
like that. Or maybe, maybe a philosopher. I like to think about strange


Jascha was a very good, and cute actor, in the video of "Breaking My Heart" But I heard Kåre said in an interview that Jascha looked very sad in that video, but he had a hard time to keep that
sadness on his face, because actually he's not sad at all. (Kim Anh)


Jascha can have a faraway look. "He can look at you while you're
telling a long story, and after ten minutes you ask yourself "is he
listening at all?"" Mikkel says. "As all other geniuses he can seem that he
is from another planet. The real Jascha you find is in his compositions!


I read in a magazine that Mikkel told his story like this: "Back
in 1984, I was really interested in this girl - now the mother of my child.
She's actually, believe it or not, Jascha's sister. So, anyhow, in trying
to get to know her, I had to suck up to Jascha. We clicked and became
pals". (Kim Anh) *Lucky us, that they became pals!!*


I also saw once that Jascha talked about "Sleeping Child" It was like this:
The interviewer played a Thailand song that really was like Sleeping Child, and then Jascha explained this: "The first time we heard that song, we got totally confused, and surprised, because we had made a song a little like it (He meant Sleeping Child) But the Thailand people thought that it was great, that we accidentally had wrote a song, that is very similar to the hit they have had once."
I think it was cool that Thailand once have had a hit, that is kind of like Sleeping Child!


Funny & Special Things MLTR Have Done


A concert in Hanoi, Vietnam

I think Jascha felt very happy when he suddenly played a few strange chords and
sang: "I feel it in my fingers I feel it in my toes", then he played a few
chords of Richard Marx too. (Kim Anh)


A concert in Denmark

At the concert I went to, there were people selling roses so that the fans could give the band or each other. Many fans threw the roses to the stage but all the roses flew to Søren 'coz of the wind (it was an outdoor concert). There was one girl who kept on holding her rose towards Søren, suddenly he stopped playing bass, came to her, took the rose and put it at the thing holding his mike. Cute!



I read in an article that on Christmas Eve 1997 Jascha, of course together with MLTR, didn't come back to Denmark because they had a Christmas party with disabled children and orphans in Malaysia. that means Jascha, and the other members weren't at home to celebrate Christmas with their families, and Jascha didn't celebrate his daughters birthday. (Kim Anh) *These guys are respectable*


These crazy things happened in MLTR's concert in 1997.

Almost all of Indonesian people likes "That's Why". In the middle of concert, Jascha ( I guess ) wanted to know our reaction if he played That's Why. He played the intro of it. Suddenly, he stopped. He changed it with another song! The audience, of course, got crazy. (Shara) *It also is a very beautiful song, I love it especially at concerts*

MLTR went to the backstage. Jascha came alone. He played Out of The Blue and asked us to sing. But we made a silly mistake! It's supposed to be " You took me right out of the night..". But we sang it " You took me right out of the blue..". Jascha showed a weird expression. And then, he helped us to sing. (Shara)

At the end of the show, Jascha dropped his body down. I was shocked! I guess there was something bad happened to him. But Mikkel only smiled! He took the roses which were given by 2 fans. Then, he (gosh!) stabed Jascha's bottom with it! Jascha suddenly woke up, jumped and smiled! (Shara) *hmm :-)*

This happened in 1994

MLTR played in HRC. It's not a big place. They couldn't move anywhere, especially Jascha. When he played a beautiful chord, everybody screamed. But that was directed to Søren "cute" Madsen and Mikkel "handsome" Lentz! Poor Jascha. He stopped playing and asked the audience to give him applause. Oh my God! (Shara)


Interview in Denmark

MLTR told a story about Mikkel. It was once when MLTR were at the Philippines and they played a concert. When MLTR plays a concert there are a lot of light right in there faces, so they can't see that much. And then to that concert at the Philippines Mikkel stepped forward to the front of the stages, and started clapping with the fans, and then suddenly he stepped one more step forward and fell down to the fans. He hurt himself, but he had to go back to the stages and portend like it didn't hurt at all, because the fans thought that he fell on purpose. The story was REALLY funny when Mikkel told it, he was very good at it!


I once saw in a TV-show about MLTR (not a real TV-show, but I don't know what to call it), well the thing I saw was that MLTR should play a small concert for only 600 special invited fans. When MLTR started to play '25 Minutes', Jascha was the only one playing, and singing, because the fans were screaming so loud, and were SO crazy that Søren, Mikkel and Kåre couldn't play at all, they just laughed very much. When Jascha sang "I finally made up my mind" he sang "mind" in a very long time, and then he stopped playing and the fans went even more crazy. Then Jascha started playing again, and he smiled very much, and he tried to get the others to play too, but they still didn't. The audience sang VERY loud along. Kåre pointed at his head, you know the way you can do to show that some one is crazy, and then he pointed at Jascha. I really think that it was SO funny to watch that song in that concert, I only saw that song, and only the start of it. I think it was really funny, and I think it was GREAT that Jascha just thought that it was fun. He smiled very cute!! Kåre also only did that Jascha-is-crazy thing in fun.


Funny & Special Things About The Fans


To a concert in Vietnam

There was a student who didn't have enough money to buy a ticket, and then asked to exchange his
coat for one!!! (Kim Anh) * He could!!! *


And a journalist told that when the concert finished, he saw "the 4 Danish
guys" in a crowd, he ran as fast as he could to get near them, but then he
discovered that they were 4 Vietnamese students disguising themselves as
the band, they had to spend 40USD for each to do that! It's a lovely
craziness. (Kim Anh)


In Denmark

Lone Mortensen sent MLTR 4 letters and she received 2 letters and 2 postcards from them, they were letters, which were hand-written and with their real autographs! What a lucky girl! (Kim Anh)


An Interview

In this interview, there were many fans there, and during the break the fans could
come by MLTR to take photos or ask for their autographs. MLTR were happy to
answer all the questions. But there was a girl-fan, she came straight to
Jascha and, God, suddenly she kissed him!!! Everyone was surprised. Jascha
got angry immediately. Even though he didn't shout or yell at the girl at
all and didn't have any action but the anger was expressed on his face. His
face turned dark and he didn't smile anymore Then he stood up and asked
Kåre to change the seat with him. (an anonymous fan) *Poor Jascha!*



Funny Pictures Of MLTR

I have really been thinking, and looking, but I don't have any funny pictures of MLTR, but maybe you do?! If you do have, then please share it/them with all of us! Maybe I kinda jumped to the conclusion, that MLTR always look great at pictures, am I right?