In this page I'll paste reviews and tellings from MLTR's concerts all over the world. These reviews are written by fans of MLTR. Please do feel free to drop me an e-mail if you have attended a MLTR concert and wanna share your opinion and feelings about it with the rest of us. Thank you very much!

Michael Learns To Rock concert
ddin Shanghai 2001

Everyone there enjoyed themselves that night because of their beautiful music and ...their interesting ad-libs.:P
The concert began at about 8:00p.m. It started with Ravel's Bolero. If you didn't know it's MLTR's live, maybe you would think it was a classical music concert.:) this made all the fans excited. When the light was turned off, the whole gymnasium was dark and became an ocean of fluorescent stick(Can you understand what I mean? I can not find the word in my English dictionary.:( ). The spotlight suddenly opened and they were in the spotlight. Their appearance on the stage drew unanimous applause. Someone even screamed.
Then without any superfluous remark, they performed the first song of the concert as the preliminary remarks. I can't think of its name at the moment. At that time I as too excited to think about it and I am busy to watch them clearly with the telescope (Do you remember I've told you I didn't sit in front row. In fact I sit on the stand.) The whole gymnasium filled with their cantus. Fluorescent sticks waved accompanying the rhythm.
At the initial of the concert, the atmosphere was not very fervency. After "out of the blue","how many hours","love will never lie",etc, people became more and more crazy. When MLTR performed "25 minutes", the whole gymnasium was boil. Fans' sound covered the music. Jascha noticed it and stopped to listen. And he put his hand near his ears to hint the sound was not loud enough. Having received this hint, fans sang much more loud and exerted all their strength.:p But there was one thing that I was embarrassessed to say. It is that some of us forgot the lyric suddenly. Fortunately, Jascha continued performing in time. I hope this will not make him unhappy.
After a short rest, Jascha walk to the electronic organ alone. He play the musical instruments ad libitum. The tune surprised everyone present because it is a chinese song - I don't know how to translate it.) Oh! Great Jascha! The feeling at that moment can not describe. And the following songs make the atmosphere very hotness. Especially they sang "sleeping child", one of the most famous songs of theirs. Fans'passion caused Jascha stopped to listen again. When he continued, people still accompanied him. I am not sure that whether Jascha jumped down the stage during this song. But he did jump down the stage sometime during this concert. He jumped down and walked through the front row. This action made the police very tensional. They had to try to prevent the crazy people taking some dangerous action. They did well. So Jascha safely back to the stage.
When the band said the concert ended, people sang "I don't want to say goodbye to you!!",Screaming, crying, and shouting around the gymnasium. And when they left after receiving an award, most of the people stamped the floor forcibly and screamed"Don't stop! Don't leave!". Thanks God!!! They came back to the stage! The gymnasium boiled! They sang 3 songs more. When they performed "That's why (you go away)", a young girl run to the stage and give Jascha a rose. Can you guess what had happened then? Jascha did an exaggerated act. He falled in a faint.:) It made everyone laugh. The atmosphere is so happy.
When I was listening to their wonderful and beautiful music, I told myself it was ture that MLTR was in Shanghai and I saw them with my own eyes. I can not believe, I am so exciting! However, there is a pity that I didn't get a good place to take photos. And two hours is too short for everyone who loves MLTR very much and waits for them so long time. It was an unforgettable night! I hope they will come to Shanghai again! The concert ended at about 10 o'clock. Everyone was reluctant to leave. We hope it would never stop. But it ended. It was an unforgettable night! An exciting and blue night!

Written by True_fish - A Chinese girl. Thanks a million for letting me use this excellent review at my page! Really appreciate it!

Michael Learns To Rock concert
ddin Manila 2001

Note from Carolina Villena: I didn't attend the concert so instead, I watched it on TV . Here's the story:

November 6th, 2001 at Araneta Coliseum, Manila, Philippines

These songs are what MLTR performed:

1. ANGEL EYES: This is the introductory song of their concert.
Jascha and Mikkel were dancing while performing.

2. ONE WAY STREET: The 2nd song of their concert. While I'm watching, they are making "japorms". I asked myself "My God! Are they tired esp. Jascha while singing?" Jascha and Mikkel were clapping and so did the audience. Take note, at the same time the brothers-in-law were dancing.

3. LOVE WILL NEVER LIE: The 3rd song. Before they performed it, Jascha
said "Hello, Manila!" and he said that he missed the country for 4 years. When MLTR started to perform, the audiences were getting crazy. Too melodious!

4. THE ACTOR: The 4th song. This song was combined all versions esp. Jascha sang "The dirty games and the neonshows". It was like a remix versions, which the audience shouted. Then, in the end, the audience sang aloud.

5. GHOST OF YOU: The 5th and new song. Do you think that is this the real video. I mean. MTV video? I'm not sure!

6. SOMETHING YOU SHOULD KNOW: The 6th song. Jascha sang incorrectly.
Why? Because the first refrain must be "She's getting closer" but he sang, "It doesn't matter, baby". Gosh!!!

7. OUT OF THE BLUE: The 7th and the craziest thing. Jascha sang some Air Supply songs but the truth is it was "Out Of The Blue". He played alone minus Mikkel, SP & Kåre. Jascha asked the audience to sang the last 2 choruses. On the last, last chorus which is "You took me right out the night." instead the audience sang, " You took me right out of the blue.". Because of that, Jascha stopped and read a newspaper. Is he reading basketball news? (I'm joking!). Then, Jascha finished the song.

8. HOW MANY HOURS: The 8th song. It was unplugged and too short! Is Jascha crying while singing? (Joke!)

9. COMPLICATED HEART: The 9th song. It's very melodious and it's much better like their original music. What-a-interpretation song because I remember my retreat last November.

10. BLUE NIGHT: The 10th song. Nothing happened.

11. SLEEPING CHILD: The 11th song. Jascha said that somebody was sleeping then they played that song. The audience sitting on the lower box were dancing and grooving.

12. BREAKING MY HEART: The 12th and my theme song to Juan Marko Gural. This is the biggest performance of all. Jascha started the song without singing "I'm on the floor". He sang emotionally and then, the audience light their cell phone esp. some Nokia cellphones. All bright backlight colors. What-a-nice song!

13. DIGGING YOUR LOVE: The 13th song. Mikkel and Jascha were shouting while singing. Too noisy but a little bit! Jascha couldn't reach his voice well. Poor Jascha, he just smiled! But in the end, he reached it well.

14. YOU TOOK MY HEART AWAY: The 14th song. Like Breaking My Heart, All backlight colors of cellphone are still there again and too many, huh! I felt like crying because this is as beautiful as Breaking My Heart. Before Jascha finished the song, he sang the coda "You become the meaning of" then he stopped. The audiences were getting crazy again then he sang "my life" twice. This is the sweetest thing like Breaking My Heart.

15. 25 MINUTES: The 15th song. The Filipinos continue to get crazy and light their cellphone. Jascha styles his voice until the end. The audience still singing the last chorus until he sang the actual last song.

16. SOMEDAY: The 16th song. The audiences were dancing and grooving again while others where clapping. And Jascha said, "Someday. Thank You!!!"

17. PAINT MY LOVE: The 17th song. Same as Someday but this time, others were putting hands and cellphones in the air like the previous one. Nice audience!

18. THAT'S WHY (YOU GO AWAY): The 18th and last final song. The song was too emotional! When without the music, the audience sang the full chorus and then, Jascha sang the final chorus.

This is the end of the story of the concert. The Filipinos were warmly welcoming MLTR. This is the sweetest concert I've ever watched so much because without my favorite team in Basketball which is Tanduay and my fave player, Dindo Pumaren and if I feel discouraged about issues about my fave basketball team and players, MICHAEL LEARNS TO ROCK was STILL there and my HERO!!!!

I wanna thank to VIVA Entertainment to telecast the successful concert and
give a warmest support. Thanks a lot, VIVA Philippines!

Written by: Carolina Villena, Manila. Thank you very much for sending me this review! I'm very thankful!!

Michael Learns To Rock concert
ddin Singapore 2001

The concert was about 2 hours, at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. We all think that it was not enough! I think we can never get enough of their great pieces, right? I did not managed to take pictures because I didn't have a good zooming camera that takes great pictures at a distance. It's a pity...However, the concert was great!
They started the gig with "Angels eyes" and "One way street". We really felt like dancing! A lot of songs were from their lastest "Blue night" album and of course, their lastest single "The Ghost of You" was played. Which they said that it is the second time they played it live. The first time was in a concert at Dubai. Of course not forgetting hot favourites like "The Actor", "25 minutes", "That's why you go away", "Breaking my hearts" and "Paint my love". Selected songs were also performed from the "Colours" and "Played on Pepper" album ("Wild women", "Love will never lie", "How many hours") They sang "Something you should know" but left out "Nothing to lose"...At first we just sat at our seats and listen...but as the concert progress, we saw people infront were getting crazier and they were standing up dancing and screaming away! In the end, my friends and I broke the rules by getting up from our seats, went slightly nearer to the front, and we started dancing and screaming too!!! The fans came from various age group. From teenagers, young people like us and even middle age people. They are POPULAR!

It was like this, Jascha was singing sleeping child...and the band was playing an extended version of the music....but finally when the song is ending....Jascha was still going " Oh my......" Then he stopped abruptly. (supposingly to be "oh my sleeping child...") He used his two hands to cover his mouth as in an attempt to stop himself from singing,,,that was really cute...Here's another one...Jascha mentioned that he heard that when Robbie William was in Singapore, he took off his trousers on stage. So Jascha said, if Robbie William could do this in Singapore, he can do the same!! We thought what came over him, but he just continued saying that he will take off his jacket...which he did. Hmmmm.....:) And Mikkel and SP were always trying to sing in the same microphone. I couldn't see Kare clearly because he was behind his drum sets.

The concert was on Sunday, as my friends and I need to work on Monday, we didn't stay behind to wait for them. Otherwise we could have just wait for them at the exit and get their autographs...Hope they come again.


Written by Jnifur - Singapore. Thanks a million to you for letting me use this great review at my page!


Michael Learns To Rock concert in Hanoi
ddVietnam the 15th of December 1997

This concert review is written by Kim Anh. It is very well-written, and I really enjoyed reading it. When reading it, you almost feel like you are there yourself. You can really tell that Kim Anh is a true MLTR fan. The picture is also taken by Kim Anh. THANKS a lot to Kim Anh!

MLTR played 2 concerts in Vietnam, one in Hanoi (the 15th December), and one in HCMCity (the 16th December), of course I just could attend in the one in Hanoi, 'coz HCMCity is in the South of Vietnam while Hanoi is in the North, and I couldn't go to a such a far-away place to see the second concert. The concert in Hanoi was great. It began at 8am but the stadium was filled up since 6:30pm. On the stage MLTR was trying to fix all the instruments and mics. They sang 'Someday' to see if the stereo was alright. All the fans around the stadium sang along. Then Jascha stopped, he seemed not to be satisfied with his mic. And he said something (I think it was Danish) into the mic with an angry voice, luckily finally the mic was alright. After knowing for sure that all the things on the stage were okay, the band left the stage (it was about 7pm at that time). At the stadium, there were many foreigners, they shouted: "Michael Learns To Rock! Where are you? I want to see you!". Some girls who came together with their boyfriends even sit on their boyfriends' shoulders to see the stage more clearly. And right at 8am they came up with new clothes. All the fans screamed very loudly. But it's a pity that Søren couldn't come, so I still haven't had his autographs. Jascha said: "I really feel sorry for our talented bassist that he couldn't come here to enjoy this moment with us" - lovely words you know!
In MLTR concert in Hanoi, when Jascha sang, almost all the fans sang along, and when Jascha sang "The Actor", he asked everybody to sing the chorus, of course all the people there sang loudly, except Jascha. He stopped singing, but he walked along the stage and expressed that he was listening carefully, then he said: "You are great singers!", and everyone screamed "Yeah! I love you!". Then in some other songs like Sleeping Child, Out of The Blue, Jascha said: "Everybody, sing!" and he stopped to listen. The special moment was when Jascha sang "That's Why", you know in the last part like that "There ain't so much for you (and the background vocal: "so much for you"), there ain't so much for me (background vocal again: "so much for me") anymore", but because Søren was missing, there was no-one to sing the background vocal, but even though Jascha didn't ask, all we audiences made ourselves the background vocals and sang "so much for you, so much for me" very nicely. Then Jascha said: "This is the first time we come to Vietnam, but I didn't expect such an exciting atmosphere". Even Jascha said: "Before we went to Vietnam, my Mom told me: 'Don't go to Vietnam, my son. There are lots of wild women there, I'm afraid they will kidnap you!!! But I made my own decision, and so we hit the road!", actually Jascha and the band have left a very good impression here.

There's something more I can remember about the MLTR concert. The articles said only 10000 tickets were released, but there were 20000 people came. 10000 with the tickets who could go into the stadium and 10000 without the tickets standing outside and singing along. Even there was a student who didn't have enough money to buy a ticket asked to exchange his coat for one!!! When the concert had lasted for an hour, many people outside tried to break the glass-door to enter the stadium despite of the police. Jascha was a bit scared I think, he said: "I know you're excited to attend in the concert, but don't break the glass anymore. Stop breaking the glass! If you don't stop, we'll stop!", and he added: "Don't push!
Everybody, one step back!" when the fans tried to push each other to get nearer to the stage. At that troubled moment, I guess the band didn't feel alright. Jascha came to Kåre's place and said something with a worrying look. After that Kåre went to Jascha and said something too, even he drummed on Jascha's keyboard with his drumsticks, and both of the guys looked serious and worried. When Jascha sang "Breaking My Heart", at the 2nd part, you know it begins with "here in my bed" but Jascha repeated "I'm on the floor", then quickly he said: "It's my fault" and continued. Then the concert was alright again. No pushing, no glass-breaking anymore
. Esp. when "Naked like the moon" started. There was only Jascha on the stage with his keyboard and everyone really enjoyed the great sounds! Then he asked: "Are there many children here?", everyone said "Yeah!", of course it was "Sleeping Child", which the fans sang the chorus instead of Jascha. I think Jascha felt very happy when he suddenly played a few strange chords and sang: "I feel it in my fingers I feel it in my toes", then he played a few chords of Richard Marx too. Generally he did many funny poses that we never see him do in the video clips, that made people crazily happy. After one hour and a half since the concert had started, Mikkel said "Thank you for tonight" and the band went somewhere. All the fans shouted: "Michael! Michael!", and the band returned. Jascha asked: "one more song?" and he sang "Someday". Lots of fans danced a bit, me too! Then he sang "That's why". When he sang "now you wanna say goodbye to me", he said "Oh no!". True, when the song ended, no-one wanted to leave, no-one wanted to say goodbye to the band. Jascha said: "We love you! We love Vietnam!".



At the concert in Hanoi, there were two kinds of tickets, one cost about 35USD and one cost about 15USD. I bought the first one because I wanted to be near the stage and to be safer. But in HCMCity, you know the biggest city in Vietnam, there were 2 kinds too: one costs about 30USD and one costs 40USD. I don't know in HCMCity, but in Hanoi, there were many people like the speculators, they'd bought many tickets and when all the tickets were sold out, they started to sell the ones they've bought for more money. There were 2 girls who had to buy the tickets at the cost of 70USD for each! And many others had to buy at 40! My dad ordered the tickets for me and my brother in the hotel where MLTR stayed. And there's something to do with this hotel that I just find out. MLTR went straight from the airport to the hotel and they had to take part in the press conference right at that time without time to rest! MLTR were driven in a Cadillac car that was very great. The driver said that when Air Supply came, they were easy-going, they wrote their autographs when anyone asked for. But MLTR didn't. They went straight to their rooms as soon as they got out of the car. The receptionists in the hotel said when they gave Jascha some papers to ask for his autographs, he didn't write! But I got 4 of his autographs!!! Because I gave him his pix to write, and I think he didn't want to give his autograph on a blank

And in that afternoon, MLTR went to buy some souvenirs, of course many people looking at them
while they were choosing some souvenirs to buy. After the concert there were lots of fans waiting for MLTR at the door of the hotel to get the autographs, but MLTR didn't returned to the hotel, they went to a bar. I don't know what time they slept! They must be so tired after a day of working hard without the rest!

When the glass was broken, I wasn't scared because I was at the area that was safe.
When MLTR arrived in Vietnam, they behaved very well. At first there were some security guys following them, but it seemed MLTR didn't need them very much. In the afternoon MLTR went out to buy some souvenirs, I think for their wives and children but I didn't follow them because I didn't know the time. I heard that Mikkel was very interested in the clothes for children, I think he wanted to buy for his son. After the concert at night, MLTR went to a pub while many, many fans were waiting for them at the front door of the hotel to ask for their autographs, but no-one could. The next morning MLTR went to a party held by Carlsberg Beer and at noon they flew to HCMCity. I wonder what time they slept the previous night...


Written by Kim Anh, Hanoi, Vietnam.


Michael Learns To Rock concert

ddMay 20 1999, on "Train" in Århus

This concert review is written by me, I went to this concert with lots of hopes of a great concert, but this concert was SO much better than I expected. I had SUCH a wonderful time, and I really hope that you'll enjoy reading this concert review! I want to thanks Helle for two of the pictures from the concert. Thank you!


The concert started at 21.30pm, but the place "Train" opened the doors at 20.30pm. At around 8pm and 8.15pm, a lot of media people came. Some of them were from other countries as: Portugal, Finland, The UK and other countries. There were also some Danish (but I think most from other countries) there were about 50 media people. As the time reached 20.30, the security guys opened the doors, and Helle and I went inside. At this time, the queue had grown a bit bigger. When we came inside the concert hall (a very small one, there were only room for about 800 people, and there were around 800 people when the concert started, it was almost a sold-out concert) we saw that in front of the stage there was no fence (I mean the fence thing in front of the stage, that makes sure that the fans, can't jump up on the stage, and can't hurt the bands) but there was no fence. And the stage was only about 70-80 cm high. We went to the floor, and in front of the stage, we stood just in front of Jaschas keyboard. We stood there and waited for an hour or a little more, and more and more people came, but no one pushed each other to be near the stage, Helle and I, and two other girls, stood just in front of Jaschas keyboard. Then suddenly MLTR went on stage, everybody screamed: "Yahoo" or something like that. Just when MLTR went on the stage, Jascha smiled a lot, and he raised his eyebrows, and smiled even more, he looked around in the place, and he also looked at us on the first row :) Then MLTR played "Sleeping Child" Everybody sang a long, and it was SO great. When MLTR stopped playing "Sleeping Child", Jascha said something like: "Hi all, welcome, we are VERY happy that so many fans / people would come to night." And he also said (in English, to the media people from other countries) Then they played a song again - don't remember which one. But everyone sang a long, and I was very happy. Helle and I took lots of pictures. Jascha was VERY funny that day, and he did lots of things that we never see him do in the music videos, and the interviews. Mikkel, Søren and Kåre were also very funny and great that night! After this song, something was wrong with the sound (or something like that, I didn't notice it), but Jascha went backstage (the people on the first row could still see him) and talked to a man, who stood at a special table, and made sure that the sound was okay. Jascha said something to him (I couldn't hear), but in the time Jascha stood there, nothing happened on the stage, and then everything went more and more quiet. Then Mikkel said: (I think because he didn't knew what else to do) "Hey, hey, how are you" And we said: "great", then he said: "Ohh me too" and Søren said that he also was great. Then Mikkel and Søren looked at each other, and then Jascha came back, and they started playing an other song. After that song Jascha said: "Now, we have released a Greatest Hits album, and after all the years, we have played together, we gets all nostalgic, (and then he smiled), so now we'll play the first single we ever released" (Of course it was "I Still Carry On") MLTR also played "The Actor", and in the middle of the song, Jascha stopped singing, and only sometimes he just sang one word. We, the audience, sang along, then Jascha said " could get a song career" Very funny!

After some songs MLTR went backstage, and someone brought a chair to the stage, and then Jascha went out on the stage again. He sat on the chair, and said "Okay, I just fired the band (of course it was a joke, and we laughed), I want to see how it is to be solo, I have always wanted to know how that is" (also a joke, and all of us laughed and said "Don't ever go solo Jascha") Jascha started to play "Naked Like The Moon", and it sounded SO beautifully!! He sang and played SO great, really so NICE! Then after that song he played "Out Of The Blue", also very beautiful!! In the middle of this song, Jascha suddenly stopped playing, and singing, and only we, the audience, sang. That was very great and funny! After that song, he looked at the audience, and started to play something (I don't think it was a song, just something he played). It sounded funny, but Jascha had this expression on his face: "This is not good, I want to play something else". It was acting, and he did it good, he really was funny, then he played something else, but he still had the same expression on his face (he was still acting). Then suddenly he played the song "When You Wish Upon A Star" (or what ever the name of that song is) Everyone was laughing, and clapping, and we all thought it was great. (Some of the audience said, that they almost felt it was Christmas). Jascha also smiled a lot .Then he went out backstage, and someone took away the chair, and then all of MLTR went back on the stage.

Then Jascha said "Now, we are gonna play our new single, maybe you have heard it on the radio" and we all said "yeah we have". Then they played "Strange Foreign Beauty" and a kind of a light-show started behind MLTR, it wasn't really a light-show, it was more like a big TV screen, on which funny pattern was made all the time. MLTR played the song, and actually a lot could sing a long that song (me too). When MLTR wanted to play "Breaking My Heart" Jascha said: "Okay this song was actually written for Sanne Salomonsen (A famous Danish female singer) But she didn't wanted the song anyway, so we took it." Then MLTR wanted to play "Something You Should Know". Jascha said "Okay now I'm going to try to play the guitar, but the first time I should try that on stage, my bracelet got stuck in the guitar strings, it wasn't such a good debut" We laughed, and MLTR started to play the song.

MLTR also played other songs. Before MLTR played "25 Minutes", Jascha said "The next song is actually written about one of us in the band, someone once came 25 minutes too late for his wedding.... Of course I won't mention the name of that person" (and then he pointed with his head at Mikkel, I think.) And then Jascha continued "...But I don't know whether he did it on purpose, but I don't think so". And then all of MLTR laughed and they played "25 Minutes". After the song Jascha said "Ohh yes, it is a sad song" Then MLTR played "Complicated Heart (remixed version)" and before they did that Jascha said "Now we have released a new album, with our greatest hits, there have been spend a lot of care on the songs. Now we'll try whether we can play this version of "Complicated Heart"". And they did play it VERY nice!

When MLTR played "A Different Song", all the audience jumped a lot. When the photographers and us, the fans, wanted to take a picture of Mikkel, he went out on the stage, so that he stood very near us, so that anyone could take a good picture of him, he played very cool on his guitar, while doing that. Sometimes Mikkel and Søren walked around on the stage and played cute and cool. When MLTR had played 18 songs, Jascha said, "Okay goodbye, it has been great!" And we screamed: "No, don't leave". When MLTR had left the stage, we all screamed "Encore, Encore", and then after some time MLTR went out on the stage again. They all smiled, and Jascha said "We don't have any more songs, but we can sing a song about what is going to happen after this concert: Party" And Mikkel said "A BIG party" and then they played the song. And after that they played "That's Why (You Go Away)" we didn't wanted them to leave the stage, but they did anyway.

Before they did that, Kåre came out, so he stood just next to Jascha, so that we all could see him - that was great!

Thanks a LOT to Jascha, Søren, Mikkel and Kåre, for the GREATEST concert, and a WONDERFUL time!!!


Written by Marianne Milton (1999), Denmark. Thank you to HELLE for two of the pictures!