Michael Learns To Rock (MLTR) was formed in spring 1988, and already the same year they won a music contests, The Danish Rockgrandprix, and they met their manager JP Andersen. The next year they got a recording contract with the Danish recording company, Medley Records. July 4th their first single, was released. Its name is "I Still Carry On".This song got really popular, but after the release of their second single "The Actor", MLTR became really popular. Their first real hit, which still is one of the all-time-favourite songs at concerts.

MLTR have so far released 4 albums and two greatest Hits Album. Their first album was released on the 1st September 1991. It is called "Michael Learns To Rock", and it has sold more than 400.000 copies worldwide.

The second album "Colours" was released the 26th of October 1993, it has sold more than 1.1 million copies. The sale made the album one of the best selling Danish pop albums ever, at that time. Their 3rd album called "Played on Pepper" was released in August 1995. It was the first album MLTR made all by them selves. It has so far sold more than 1,5 million copies worldwide. In October 1996 MLTR released a Greatest Hits album (in Asia and South Africa only) called "Paint My Love - Greatest Hits". It contained two new songs: "Paint My Love" and "Breaking My Heart". That album has become one of the most popular MLTR albums ever. It has sold more than 3 million copies, and the album is still selling :-).But who wonders? The album is filled up with their most popular songs. In September 1997 their 4th album saw the light of the day. It's called "Nothing to lose" and is a bit different from the rest of their albums. A few songs as "Party" and "A Different Song" break away from the usual style of MLTRs music. But, as the rest of their albums, an amazing album :-). In 1998 MLTR were taking a well-deserved break (the first long one in 5 years), but in November 1998 (after 10 month of almost no activity), MLTR were back in business, fully recharged and ready to rock the world. And as they were declared "stronger than ever before". In March and May, their latest album was released. It was a Greatest Hits album, which was released in different versions in Asia, South Africa and Europe. The album contains one brand new song called "Strange Foreign Beauty". But the album also contains some of MLTRs old stuff, which are either re-mixed, re-recorded or just reprocessed in some way. This album has become a huge success too.