Jascha Richter

Jascha Richter was born the 24th of June 1963. He spent the first year of his life in the US - more specified in New Hampshire, but shortly after his birth his family decided to move back to their birth land - Denmark, where they settled in the city Århus in the Eastern part of Jutland.

 Jascha began as a child to play both the flute and the cello, but it didn't last long till he found the piano quite more interesting.He is raised with classical music, but in his early teenage years he broke with the classical music and started playing and composing pop music. Growing up he among others listened to Elton John, Supertramp and Bee Gees. Jascha Richter is known as the brain behind the Danish pop group Michael Learns To Rock (MLTR for short) that through 15 years have gained a lot of success and respect all over the world, though mainly in big parts of Asia, South Africa and their own home country, Denmark.A few years ago Richter decided to move to Malmø, Sweden to be able to focus on his song-writer-talent. He wanted to compose music to other artists and have a break from the puplic attenttion.

Jascha Richter however now feels it's time to return to the musisscene

- because who sings and preforms his songs better than Richter himself?!

Please visit the official webpage of Jascha Richter for further information.

I wish you the best of luck, Jascha! I think the album's brilliant - nothing less.