About Me

 Hi there...

First of all: thanks for visiting my page! I hope you found what you were looking for. Secondly I'd better tell you a little about myself. Well to start with I'm a girl living in the earsten part of Denmark (Jutland), in a city called Århus.

I work as an intern sales person at a big company in Århus.




Picture: from my birthday last year :-)

 I have been a fan of the Danish pop success Michael Learns To Rock and Jascha Richter for about 10-11 years. I've always loved their style of music, Jascha's voice, the songs, the concerts and the feeling their songs can bring in me.

Jascha Richter has in his new album continued the style of MLTR though added a bit more guitar. In my opinion the lyrics are also deeper and more meaningful in Jascha's new album. A really brilliant move. In my opinion the best work of Jascha's ever.

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